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At CrushTheSummit, we strive to provide financial assistance to families with teens who are suffering from mental illness in order to get the help they need and provide resources to stay healthy and live a successful life.



CrushTheSummit was founded by Drew McCorey in January of 2017 in Orlando, Florida and is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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With the correct diagnosis and treatment, a bright, healthy future is possible. Being open and honest with those close to you is the first step to true recovery. Together, we can build support and raise money and awareness to mental illness and help teens CrushTheSummit.

CrushTheSummit Article by the College Park Community Paper

CrushTheSummit was featured in the College Park Community Paper in 2017. 

Grateful to share my story and help reach more and more people.

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